Who Does Seo Dal Mi End Up With in Start Up?

We all know that SEO Dal Mi is the main character in the hit Korean drama Start Up. But who does she end up with in the end?

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the show yet, stop reading now!

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Ok, here goes. Dal Mi chooses Nam Do San in the end. They both end up working together at Samsan Tech and fall in love along the way.

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Seo Dal Mi’s journey in Start Up

In the tvN drama Start Up, Seo Dal mi (played by Bae Suzy) is a young woman who dreams of becoming Korea’s Steve Jobs. She comes from a humble background and has to overcome many obstacles to achieve her goals. The show tells the story of her journey, from her start as an intern at a small company to her eventual success as the CEO of her own company.

While the show is a work of fiction, it is based on real-life events and provides a realistic portrayal of the start-up world. One of the things that sets Start Up apart from other Korean dramas is its focus on female entrepreneurship. Seo Dal mi is a strong and determined woman, and she serves as an inspiration to other women who want to start their own businesses.

The show also deals with issues like office romance and workplace politics, making it a relatable and enjoyable watch for anyone who has ever worked in an office environment.

So, does Seo Dal mi end up with Nam Do San (played by Nam Joo hyuk)? You’ll have to watch the show to find out!

The men in Seo Dal Mi’s life

Seo Dal Mi has had a lot of men in her life, but who does she end up with in the end?

Kim Seon Woo is Dal Mi’s first love. They were childhood sweethearts who were forced to part ways when Dal Mi’s family went bankrupt. Seon Woo is a brilliant investor and the CEO of Samjin Group. He is cold and calculating, but he cares deeply for Dal Mi.

Nam Do San is the founder of Samjin Group and Seon Woo’s right-hand man. He is a genius computer programmer who started his own software company in his parents’ garage. He falls for Dal Mi at first sight and does everything he can to win her heart.

Han Ji Pyung is Dal Mi’s mentor and the CEO of Doosan Group. He takes Dal Mi under his wing when she comes to work for him and helps her navigate the cutthroat world of business. Ji Pyung is kind-hearted and caring, but he has a dark past that he’s struggling to come to terms with.

Seo Dal Mi’s family

Seo Dal Mi’s family is originally from Jeju Island. Her mother, Kim In Joo, is a traditional housewife, and her father, Seo Won Deok, is a successful businessman. Dal Mi’s older sister, Seo In Joo, is a successful career woman who has everything Dal Mi wants. In contrast, Dal Mi herself is an aspiring entrepreneur who doesn’t have much going for her.

The women in Seo Dal Mi’s life

Start Up is a South Korean drama that tells the story of Seo Dal Mi, a young woman who wants to make it in the business world. Central to her story are the three women in her life: her mother, her mentor, and her love interest.

Seo Dal Mi’s mother is a strong and determined woman who has always worked hard to provide for her family. She is supportive of her daughter’s dreams and sacrifices everything for her.

Seo Dal Mi’s mentor is a successful businesswoman who takes the young woman under her wing and mentors her in the world of business. She is a tough taskmaster but ultimately cares for Seo Dal Mi’s well-being and wants to see her succeed.

Seo Dal Mi’s love interest is a gentle and sensitive man who understands her dreams and ambitions. He loves her deeply and supports her in everything she does.

Seo Dal Mi’s career

Seo Dal Mi is the protagonist of the Korean drama Start Up. She is a young woman with big dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, she doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to her career. Here’s a look at Seo Dal Mi’s career journey so far.

Dal Mi was born into a poor family and had to drop out of school early to help her mother make ends meet. She worked a series of odd jobs before landing her first “real” job as an assistant at a dating agency. She was eventually promoted to CEO, but the company went out of business shortly thereafter.

Dal Mi then started her own company, but it quickly failed as well. Undeterred, she decided to try her hand at entrepreneurship again, this time with the help of her new mentor, Nam Do San. Together, they started a company called Samsan Tech.

Samsan Tech was a huge success, and Dal Mi became a millionaire overnight. However, she soon faced difficult challenges when the company began to experience financial difficulties. With the help of Do San, Dal Mi was able to turn things around and make Samsan Tech profitable again.

Seo Dal Mi’s love life

There is no clear answer as to who Seo Dal Mi ends up with in the tv show Start Up. Throughout the series, she has relationships with two different men, Nam Do San and Han Ji Pyung.

Do San is the founder of Samsan Tech and Dal Mi’s first love. They meet again after many years apart and rekindle their relationship. However, they eventually break up due to differences in their career aspirations.

Ji Pyung is a successful investor who helps finance Samsan Tech. He falls in love with Dal Mi and they begin dating. However, their relationship is complicated by the fact that Ji Pyung is still married (although he is in the process of getting a divorce).

In the final episode of the series, Dal Mi decides to pursue her dreams of becoming a successful CEO. She tells Do San that she loves him, but she can’t be with him because their career aspirations are different. She also tells Ji Pyung that she loves him, but she can’t be with him because he is still technically married.

At the end of the series, it is not clear who Dal Mi ends up with. It is possible that she ends up alone, or that she eventually gets back together with either Do San or Ji Pyung (or possibly someone else entirely).

Seo Dal Mi’s friends

Seo Dal Mi has a lot of friends, but her two closest friends are Nam Do San and Han Ji Pyung. Nam Do San is the CEO of Samsan Tech, and Han Ji Pyung is an aspiring novelist. Seo Dal Mi met Nam Do San when she was working as an intern at Samsan Tech, and she met Han Ji Pyung when she was working as a secretary at a small publishing company.

Seo Dal Mi’s enemies

Nam Do San and his team of “mercenaries” work tirelessly to take down Seo Dal Mi’s startup, Samsan Tech. Meanwhile, Seo Dal Mi falls for Nam Do San and the two have a complicated relationship as they battle it out for the top spot.

Seo Dal Mi’s fashion

Seo Dal Mi is the true fashionista of the group and always looks put together, even when she’s running late. Her style is classic and feminine with a touch of quirkiness, which reflects her personality perfectly. From her tailored blazers to her pretty dresses, Seo Dal Mi always looks chic and stylish.

Seo Dal Mi’s beauty secrets

Seo Dal Mi is the lead character in the Korean drama Start Up, and she’s known for her natural beauty. So what are her beauty secrets?

For starters, Seo Dal Mi uses a lot of natural, gentle products on her skin. She starts her day by cleansing her face with rice water, which is known to be gentle and effective. She then uses a light layer of green tea serum, followed by a light moisturizer.

during the day, Seo Dal Mi uses SPF 50 sunscreen to protect her skin from the harmful UV rays. She also carries around a small bottle of green tea mist to refresh her skin throughout the day.

At night, Seo Dal mi washes her face with rice water again and then uses a thicker layer of green tea serum. She follows this up with a soft massage and then a richer moisturizer to help her skin repair itself overnight.

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