Top 7 SEO tips for Beginners that you Don’t want to miss.

SEO tips for Beginners

There are lot of things that you should keep in mind before performing Search Engine Optimization. These may include On-page SEO, Technical SEO, OFF-Page SEO. You have to be very consistent with this to achieve results. But in this article, we will be breaking down the top 7 SEO tips for Beginners that you must definitely know. You could also enhance or boost your SEO on your Blog/Website using these tips.

The 7 best SEO tips for Beginners:

1) Don’t miss out Schema Markup up on your site

The Integration is an absolute must for your site as it is the only way through which google could know about the niche of your website more clearly. If you have Schema Makeup on your site then there are more chances that your blog/web would be ranking on your niche faster as you are providing some valuable information to google. If you are a WordPress user then the entire process is as simple as installing a plugin “Schema and Structured Data WP & AMP”. The best thing about this plugin is even if you have a multi-niche site, you could build different schemas for different categories or individual posts.

2) Make sure that your sitemap is linked to your homepage.

Well, I assume that you do know about the importance of sitemaps for your SEO. Every beginner knows that submitting your sitemaps to the search console (for Google) is mandatory. But if you observe some websites, especially of some famous bloggers or SEO strategists you would observe that they would have linked their sitemaps on their footer section or top bar. Well, this is one of the most important SEO tips for beginners. But what impact does it have on our SEO even if we directly submit it to Google search Console? Well, let me answer this question, it does have a great impact on your SEO as the google bot can now directly access the sitemaps section while crawling your site, so whenever one of your posts is updated, google can directly reflect to its database about the update faster than it did before.

3) Using WebP Images on your site.

With Google’s Core update, one might have already noticed that how google is giving importance to the speed of a site. Speed optimization of a web page has now become the top most priority for google in SEO. So even if your content is unique or design is impressive but the site speed is not that good, then let me tell you that you won’t be raking on any of the major keywords in top 10 or first 1-2 pages. Most of us use stock images for our content and some of them may have size more than a MB. If you are a WordPress user, again I have a good news for you. The latest WordPress update now has allowed users to upload images in Webp format.

 One should always convert their PNG/JPEG images to WebP as it only takes very few disks space, moreover you can even compress it again if you feel that the size should be reduced again. The size of your images on you web page has a large impact on you loading speed so make sure that you properly optimize them and also one additional tip is that, switch on the lazy loading feature if you are on a shared hosting plan. This can be one of the best SEO tips for beginners.

SEO tips for Beginners
SEO Tips

4) Use KGR method for ranking on Top Search results.

Well, who haven’t heard about KGR technique? It is one of the best Ranking SEO tips for beginners as here you are only concentrating on long tail and less competitive keywords. Well for those who don’t know about KGR, let me explain in short. KGR is a method of finding particular keywords who are extremely less competitive and you can rank your page in top 100 search results of google even if you site is new. Here you just use a simple formula (Ratio) or a calculator to sort out which all keywords are potentially fit for KGR. If you want to know more about KGR technique and how it can be performed the you can read my article on KGR method.

5) Request for Instant Indexing on Google Search Console.

Sometimes if your sitemaps are not properly readable, it may take time for google to crawl through your site and index the new posts. According to a research conducted, it takes about 48-72 hours to get your content indexed on google for a new site. But you can speed up this process, in the update made on the previous year, google has introduced a new feature of “request indexing” under the “URL inspection panel” in the Console. The steps are simple, copy the newly posted content’s URL and select the “URL inspection” tab at the top left panel and paste your URL. Now Google will analyse that link and will let you know whether this link is indexed, if not then an option will appear where you can request for indexing, but again it’s now 100% guaranteed that the moment you request for indexing the crawlers will crawl your site, still this method can be somehow helpful to you and your site.

Guest posting is one of the most tedious tasks through which a SEO beginner has to go through. Especially, if you are a beginner writing posts for your site as well as guest posts, it will be very difficult. On an average, Guest post demands at least 800-1000 words with details in it, and even if you write a content of 1000 words you could only get one-two backlinks from that site. According to me it’s not worth it unless and until you are posting on a very major site like Wikipedia, Vogue, Forbes etc. HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a platform where reporters from different sites like Huffington Post, Wire, Forbes etc posts their question on different topics. This is a very great opportunity for you as you just have to sign up as s source for HARO. Complete your profile, select your niche on which you want to answer then you are good to go. You would be getting 3 emails containing various questions from different source every 2 days and the best thing about HARO is that you are only required to write max to max 300 words on that topic/question. So, in the case of guest posts where you could only get 1 backlink with 1000 words here you could answer at least on 4-5 topics and as a credit the reporter would link back to your site.

7) Resolve the Errors in the Search console.

The best thing you can do is to resolve all the errors in search console, this may include 404 issues. Text-to-small errors, sitemap validity issues etc. You must ensure that there are no errors in your search console in order to keep your SEO health nice and Clean. Higher would be the SEO health of you site more it would be preferred by google for ranking.

If you liked these tips, then please do comment and let me know how you felt about this or if you feel that I missed any point then let me know in the comments.

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