How to Grow your YouTube Channel faster with 0 Investment

Grow your YouTube Channel faster with 0 Investment

Many YouTubers have been investing in different ads on YouTube as well as on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But for creators who are just new to this genre is it possible to grow your YouTube channel faster with 0 investment? The Simple answer is yes, we can come up with many-many examples of content creators who have started their YouTube journey with 0 investment.

To grow your YouTube channel faster with 0 investment you have to follow some important steps. Growing with this can be hard and time taking, but still, it is one of the best ways to grow if you don’t have any financial assistance for your new channel.

Tips to Grow your YouTube Channel faster with 0 Investment

1. Introduce yourself properly and fill up the About and description page.

If you are creating a brand-new YouTube channel then it’s a must that you should create a short introduction video about your channel and what kind of channel it is. The duration of the video can be anywhere between 25 – 40 seconds. Along with this, make sure that you have filled up with enough content about your channel on the About page of the channel, also you must include your Contact and Social links.

2. Be consistent and never try multi-niche.

To grow you must upload videos regularly on your channel. For a beginner on Novice or anyone, it is recommended to post at least one video per week. The second thing is that never try to get indulged in a multi-niche. I have seen many newbies trying out cooking, tech, fashion everything in one single channel. Due to this the audience won’t find relevance in your videos and mostly they won’t engage anymore with your videos, also the YouTube algorithm would find it difficult to find the right spot for you in the search results as it won’t be able to determine your target niche.

3. Focusing on YouTube SEO

Many of the YouTubers might be knowing about YouTube SEO, but most of the people who are not that much into the tech genre would find it difficult for doing SEO, but trust me it’s very easy. YouTube SEO is a way of optimizing your video in such a way that it would target the most suitable keyword and spot on YouTube. This is the most Organic way to grow your YouTube channel faster with 0 investment.
In simple words, if you want to rank for a specific keyword let’s say “best smartphones for 2021”, so you need to insert and optimize your keywords in your meta tag, heading, description, Alt Thumbnail Images, Visual Videotext in such a way that it doesn’t look neither complicated nor messed-up info. You can find the statics of your target keyword using tools like Ahrefs.

Grow your YouTube Channel faster with 0 Investment
YouTube SEO

4. Collaborating with other content creators.

Collaboration is one of the best things that you can do to grow yourself. You could collaborate with other content creators of the same genre on various sub-topics. This would be difficult for beginners as collaboration in the initial stages is hardly possible. A simple tip I want to give you is that try to collaborate during a live stream as this would create a live engagement and would create a sense of fame in the audience. If budget allows you, they could even go for YouTube Influencer marketing.

5. Hosting regular Live Streams on your channel.

Here. Hosting regular live streams means that you should at least stream once a day (this is applicable for only certain types of categories like gaming, reactions, Raw vlogging, etc). Live streaming will not only help you in gaining more engagement but also it would help you to know your audience better through chats or super chats.

Posting on trending topics can help you gain a lot of subscribers. I have seen people posting on topics that are usually outdated or which have a lot of competition. For e.g: if you are a tech Youtuber and if you are creating a video on “how to install Adobe Photoshop on windows”, then probably you won’t rank for it soon, but if you are creating a video on “how to install windows 11 “then there are high chances that you would rank on it if you optimize it properly in SEO perspective. As we know that by October 4th, 2021 Microsoft is going to release its first public version of Windows 11, so there would be many people searching on that topic and since you already have a video on it more people will be engaging on your channel even if your subscribers are low. You could use Google Trends to find out which topic is most rending in your respective genre.

Grow your YouTube Channel faster with 0 Investment
Google Trends

7. Never copying the content of other creators

Copying or using other creator’s content is strictly against YouTube’s Guidelines, this could even get your channel down if done many times. Be focused on unique and original content and if you feel that adding a specific part of the content of any other person is necessary then first of all take consent and also give them credits in the description section.

8. Making it more professional

Today, people are more willing to consume content with higher audio and video quality, so you must use the best camera and audio input device for your channel. If you don’t have the budget for these gadgets even a decent smartphone could do, but make sure to progress over time and upgrade your gadgets. If you have the budget to buy a good camera at least make sure that you upload your video in 1080p and add subtitles as this might attract the foreign audience as well.

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